The Fish Bag

Created by Olly Curlworks

A lovely fish to carry your things.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Final Samples for Yellow/Coral & Mac n' Cheese!
5 days ago – Wed, Jul 17, 2024 at 08:16:20 AM

The next two fish to receive their final samples are the Yellow/Coral & Mac n' Cheese fish! Now just waiting on a few more.


Mac n' Cheese

Final samples for TEVA, Lavender/Sage, & 90's Throwback
7 days ago – Mon, Jul 15, 2024 at 10:07:53 AM

Worked out all of the kinks, and samples for all three of these fish are finished! Once samples for all 11 fish are finalized they'll ship to me and I can approve them in-person, and then mass production begins :) A few more fish to go!



90's Throwback


Fish Bag Sample Changes Submitted!
20 days ago – Tue, Jul 02, 2024 at 09:38:13 AM

I've officially sent off the list of changes to be made to the first fish bag samples. Thought you'd like to see what I sent so you can get a peek behind the scenes of my process, it's kind of fun! This isn't the end of changes, for what it's worth. Typically there are a few rounds before everything is perfect, they send me the physical sample for me to approve, and then we move to mass production. 

Also an extra sample photo of the Mac n' Cheese fish liner. I'm hungry!!

Lock-In & Card Charge Date for surveys DELAYED until August 1.
21 days ago – Mon, Jul 01, 2024 at 08:25:45 AM

Hi folks!

For those unfamiliar with how our post-campaign surveys work, your card is not charged for the additional items/shipping you add to your pledge through the BackerKit Survey until we lock the survey and charge cards. Locking the surveys prevents you from making changes, and just affects those who have already filled it out-- those who have not yet filled out the survey are still able to fill it out in the future. 

The original date for this was going to be July 1, but I'd like to wait for samples to finish production so you all can see the finished fish and switch designs if you'd like, so I'm changing the lock-in and card-charge date to August 1 instead. 

This won't affect the production timeline, I've already got a pretty accurate count and once samples are approved we'll move ahead with mass production. This is just to avoid 24982343209 post-survey-lock emails. 

Thanks, talk soon! 

All* of the Fish Bag Samples!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jun 20, 2024 at 08:52:08 AM

*We're still missing the Mac n' Cheese fish and big Yellow/Coral fish (ETA next Friday), but otherwise, here are the first samples of everyone else. I need to make some small adjustments to a few of them:

  • Goth Fish: Probably going to ask for the Goth Fish to have a slightly darker grey eyeball.
  • Punky Fish: I'm going to remove the black outline from the Punky Fish piercings.
  • Woodsy: I may switch the plastic hardware to one of the light greens, it is white currently as they couldn't match the cream in the eye.
  • Yellow/Coral: I might make the eyeball/zipper a little lighter, but I'm kind of liking the darker blue. 
  • Blue/Yellow: The "Coral" in the eye and strap is more of an orange here, which I do like, so I might leave it!  

They're also all missing their Curlworks tags, zipper pulls, and hang tags, those will be added during production :) 

Let me know what you all think! I'm very pleased with how this first round of samples has gone. I'll wait until they arrive here and I can see them in person to approve them and move into mass-production, but so far so good!